Deena is a beautiful and caring woman who is absolutely AMAZING at what she does.  She did my eyebrows and I am in love with them.  She also did my mother's permanent eyeliner and it looks beautiful.  I will always go to Deena for my beauty needs.
Thanks for making my eyebrows look so fabulous!  They are an amazing shape. I like how natural the color is as well. Thanks for taking your time to make them look their best.  You're always great to chat with!
St. George, Utah
Deena's SofTap method is absolutely amazing! I came to her with a huge challenge since I had previous permanent makeup done and needed corrective work. I have never been happier! Deena not only repaired the areas in need, she did some additional new work that turned out exactly as I had hoped. This was also the most pain free way possible to get the permanent make-up I have wanted for years.
Deena's professionalism is mixed with a personal warmth that will put anyone at ease. I was immediately comfortable with her and knew I could explain exactly what I wanted and she would be sensitive to my preferences.
The welcoming atmosphere of her studio made for a pleasurable experience. I was very impressed with Deena's focus on industry standards of hygenic tool cleaning and tattoo preparation. Her attentive care to keep the experience painless was enough to give me the confidence to send others her way. I have already sent half a dozen gals to her and every one of them has been thrilled with the experience and the results!
Palmer, Alaska
To say Deena Williams is the best permanent make up artist would be an understatement. It is difficult to put into words how absolutely wonderful she is, because the words pale in comparison to her total beauty. Deena is far superior in this field than any other. I came to her for corrective work, and she delivered exactly what I thought I had gotten from another technician before. She went above and beyond my expectations, and made certain I was satisfied with the outcome of her work. She is honest, personable and is as friendly as they come.
The soft tap method she uses to apply the pigment is much less painful (it was virtually painless) than the machine method I had used on me previously. With the soft tap method, I had minimal swelling and a much faster healing time. She took time to discuss with me what I wanted done while listening without interruption. She also took the time to show me all of her equipment and pigments as well as explained exactly how the procedure would be done. She routinely asked to make sure I was tolerating the procedure without any pain, and offered numbing gel frequently. Deena answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable before, during and after the procedure. As a nurse, I was quite impressed with her strict adherence to sterile technique, and that meant the world to me.
I tell everyone I can about Deena, because I know she will make them happy, and give them the results they expect. Having permanent make up applied saves me time and money in the long run, and actually was like having a facelift! You can’t go wrong with Deena, she is the BEST!!!
Palmer, Alaska
I had been considering permanent makeup for years but had yet to find anyone I'd trust my face to until a friend of mine recommended Deena. Unbeknownst to me, my friend (who always looked so pretty) had Deena apply her permanent makeup. My friend's makeup looked so nice that I had no second thoughts at all. Though I was quite nervous about having my eyelids "tattooed", I had long ago decided that when I did have permanent makeup applied, I would go the whole nine yards: brows, liner and full lips. Needless to say, I am beyond thrilled that my sense of adventure outweighed my fear of pain. Deena was absolutely an angel. Her studio is not only spotless, but it is comfortable and relaxing.
Deena has such a calm, assuring presence. She is a warm, friendly, personable, kind, and funny woman, on top of being incredibly knowledgeable and talented in her field of work. It took only minutes to feel like I had known her for years. Much to my amazement, the procedure itself was virtually painless. Deena was diligent in checking comfort levels, quick to apply numbing agents when needed. Since I honestly do not enjoy pain, this was beyond appreciated! As a person, one would be hard pressed to find anyone as open and welcoming as Deena. Once the initial visit has been completed, she makes herself just as available for follow ups.
The bar she has set for herself is high: Deena desires her clients truly LOVE their makeup. I found it impossible to not love Deena's work! It's just so pretty and FUN! I love, love, LOVE it and would recommend Deena to absolutely anyone looking to have permanent makeup applied. It is so worth it.
Palmer, Alaska
I was very fortunate to have Deena Williams as my micropigmentation instructor. Deena is extremely skilled in the permanent cosmetics application. Her expertise carries over into her educator role.
As a registered nurse, I was concerned about the safety of the procedure, comfort for the client, and the control of infection. Deena addressed all of these issues in her five-day class. She demonstrated how to achieve the best aesthetic outcome using sterile implements and aseptic technique while keeping the client comfortable.
During class Deena made me feel relaxed and confident with her constant verbal support through positive reinforcement. Her relationship with her students and clients is one of a personal and soothing nature which enhances the learning atmosphere. This support did not end with class time. She was genuinely concerned about my future success. She followed up with me several times to see how I was doing with my permanent cosmetic procedures and continues to help me in advancing my practice.
I would highly recommend Deena to anyone who wishes to learn the art of permanent cosmetics and apply it to a successful venture.
Debbie Kannenberg, RN
Deena Williams is a wonderful instructor! She is approachable and put me to ease the second I met her. The classroom setting was extremely informative, professional, yet fun. She gave me the confidence and skill I needed to have a very successful permanent makeup profession.
It was so convenient that she was able to travel to my city and I was able to provide my own models to work on. That really helped me get my business rolling. They really spread the word!
I love permanent makeup and Deena is the perfect person to teach it. She truly is a master!
Natalie Jones - Pocatello, Idaho
Deena -
Your professional yet personal approach was the perfect setting for class given the scope of training we received, not to mention limitless patience. Your success is a testament to your vast knowledge and commitment to your students and the permanent cosmetics industry. Thanks for being there for ALL questions - prior to class, during class and especially long after class was over. Looking forward to taking advanced classes with you in the near future. You are the best!
Deena Williams is an excellent instructor. My girlfriend and I took her course last year. Deena made us feel comfortable and confident in what we were learning AND in the actual work we were doing on our models. She is definitely a "people" person! She has been there for us, following our training; always motivating us as we build are new careers.
Thanks for all you do, Deena!
-Chris - SD
I had looked into permanent eyeliner several times in the past -- here in the Boise area and in other states. Deena Williams made me feel very comfortable and confident about her technique. I experienced NO pain and just the slightest bit of redness/swelling for a short time after my procedure.
I loved my eyeliner so much and was so impressed with Deena's work, that I decided to train with her and obtain my certification to become a permanent cosmetic technician!
Thanks, Deena
-Molly Brown, March 2005
Permanent cosmetics have been an absolutely PRICELESS LUXURY! I love mine!
And Deena was so great to work with. She's a delightful person and is great about follow up and making sure you LOVE your end result.
Waking up with my makeup already on is SO CONVENIENT! It's cut 10 minutes off my morning routine! All I have to put on is mascara...and I don't even bother with that on the weekends! Plus, my permanent eyeliner has been a great confidence-booster.
The procedure was really very comfortable--and I'm a wimp when it comes to pain! Deena was great about applying more anesthetic if I had even a tiny twinge of pain. I would recommend it to anyone! Every busy, working Mom like me should have this done!
I first went to see Deena with the thought of getting my eyes done with eyeliner for some pronunciation around the eyes...without the hassle of daily application. By the time I left her studio, I walked out with beautifully applied, subtle brown eyeliner, a new set of shaped, tinted, and perfectly arched eyebrows, not to mention... a new friend!
I never realized how such subtle changes to the eyebrows and eyes (eyeliner) can make such a profound difference to your overall "look." I received so many compliments from friends and family, but the best part about it was that no one could quite put their finger on it.
I received compliments such as.....
"You look great. ...what did you do?"
"There's something different about you..."
"You're just glowing..." and even...
"Is there a new man in your life?"
Well, there's no new man in my life, but maybe there will be now with my "unexplainable new look!"
Seriously, the process was quick, easy and painless and the results are a natural, hassle-free terrific look!

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