The SofTap Permanent Makeup Cosmetic System is an innovative hand method that is the easiest and most gentle way to implant permanent color into the skin. No mixing or guessing with pigment colors. Unique formulations insure long-lasting color. Permanent makeup (also called cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation, or dermapigmentation) can be used to enhance facial features or to correct skin pigmentation problems. This form of tattooing is an increasingly popular alternative to conventional makeup. People who have rushed schedules, allergies to makeup products, skin disorders, poor eyesight, or poor hand-eye coordination may find this procedure to be a great help.

Permanent makeup can be used to enhance certain facial features, or to give scar tissue a more natural appearance. Some of the most common permanent makeup procedures include eyeliner, brows, powder brows, ombré browns and hairstroke brows, lip liner, and full lip color. The fuller and more defined eyebrows and lips that result from this procedure can create a more youthful, put-together look. It can also save time for those who want a new look without having to reapply makeup daily. And it can be a big help to people who are allergic to cosmetics, suffer from skin disorders, or for other reasons cannot apply makeup.

Whether you are novice or an experienced professional you will find The Center for Permanent Makeup Training can provide you with the required theoretical and practical knowledge to master and refine the technical skills needed to practice Micropigmentation safely and efficiently. Your procedural results will be natural and unmistakably beautiful.



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