Permanent cosmetics, also referred to as permanent makeup, micropigmentation, or cosmetic tattooing, is the process of implanting pigment into the uppermost layer of the skin. Unlike traditional makeup, which places color on top of the skin, permanent makeup involves safely implanting color in the skin for a long-lasting, natural look. Deena uses a technique known as the SofTap® Comfort System on all her clients. These techniques employs the use of 100% disposable needles, for maximum safety, comfort, and control.
The development of modern techniques such as the SofTap® Comfort System has greatly enhanced client comfort. While everyone's tolerance level is different, the majority of clients are pleasantly surprised in the comfort of their experience. You have to feel it to believe it! In addition, topical anesthetics are applied to desensitize the skin.
Permanent makeup is "permanent" in that it never washes off or smears. However, you will notice a gradual softening over time. Longevity will vary based on colors chosen, skin type, and compliance with after care instructions. Color refreshers or touchups are recommend from one to ten years and vary on an individual basis.
Generally, two individual applications are required in order to achieve the desired look. When necessary, a second application or enhancement is scheduled within four weeks and is included in the cost of the original procedure.
Please see Services page for procedures and pricing information.
There are no contraindications to permanent cosmetics either before or after plastic surgery. In fact, having permanent cosmetics done, especially brows, often gives the appearance of a mini face lift.
The SofTap® method of permanent cosmetics used by Deena is performed manually using a small hand-held non-electric implement. By applying pigments manually, the technician has complete control resulting in a very natural look. Utilizing the machine method, the procedure is very comfortable, quiet, and has less vibration than traditional machines. The implements come pre-sterilized and are discarded in a Sharps biohazard container following every procedure. In all applications, regardless of the instrument used, the technician behind the tool is what makes the procedure successful. When checking around for prices, remember, you usually get what you pay for so be sure and ask questions!
With permanent makeup there is typically some temporary redness and/or swelling at the application site following the procedure, however, it is common for a person to return to work or other daily activities the same day.
Permanent cosmetics are designed to enhance your natural beauty. Wearing additional cosmetics is a personal choice.
Since all color choices are selected to harmonize with your skin tone and natural coloring, changing your hair color will not effect the look of properly applied permanent makeup.


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